H/T Humanitarians vs Techies

The eternal question of who is cooler: Humanitarians or Techies?
Check in your team!

About the H/T app


Ideal for leisure activities in the company of friends, relatives.

The features:

  • A rare genre - team quiz
  • Two uniquely selected categories of questions: humanitarian and technical
  • Minimalistic design
  • Ability to choose the number of questions in the game

    Humanitarian questions:

    geography, literature, history, art, culturology, psychology, etc.

    Technical questions:

    physics, mathematics, chemistry, cars, tools, construction, etc.


In the game participate:

  • Team of "Humanitarians"
  • Team of "Techies"
  • Leading (optional)
  • The minimum number of players - 2


    Each question contains 3 answers. The turn goes to the other team after each question.

    Questions should be asked for the opposing team: humanitarian questions - for team of techies and technical questions - for team of humanities.

    The number of questions in the game you can choose in Settings. Default - four questions.

    ВThe game has 2 type of scores: internal score (used inside each game for each of team) and total score (displayed on the Main page of the application and contains statistics of wins for each team for the entire game). The total score is reset when you start a New game.

    All questions which was already asked are saved. Next time when open the app just click the Play button.


Main screen

Game screen

Screen the end of the game

Settings screen


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